How To Avoid The Spam Folder When Using GetResponse

I recently discovered the SpamScore in GetResponse. I imagine a lot of other people may not know about it so let’s go over it a bit.

The SpamScore is GetResponse’s way of deciding how likely an email you send out will end up in the recipient’s Spam folder. It’s scored from 0 to 5 with lower scores being better. If you’ve only been writing autoresponder series emails you may not have noticed it because GetResponse doesn’t really make it obvious.

The SpamScore does show up more prominently when write a Newsletter (broadcast) email. This is how I discovered it.

To find the SpamScore click on the Test Message menu and choose SpamScore. A little pop up window will appear.

The little box shows your SpamScore along with a bunch of reasons why your score is the way it is. You want to knock out any reason that has a score of 1 or greater. In this case it says BODY: Message only has text/html MIME parts is increasing our score by 1.105. Ugh!

Fortunately this is an easy fix. Simply open the Plain Text editor:

This will open another little pop up window. Copy and paste your email into this window. Also format it so it fits between the white area of the text editor! I have no idea why GetResponse doesn’t provide those helpful lines on the regular editor but it’s a huge source of the SpamScore.

Copy your fixed text from the Plain Text editor and paste it into your email, replacing the old email. You will have to set up your links again. Let’s see how the score changed:

Perfect! Anything score that starts with a zero is what you’re aiming for! I hope this quick little guide has been helpful. Feel free to email me with any questions!